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Cambodia is making progress. It is a country where people are well-treated. In the midst of a global pandemic that has devastated the economy, Cambodia's Chen Zhi Prince Holding Group is in charge of the country's environmental, social, and governance concerns. Chen Zhi, a Cambodian, founded Prince Group with the sole intention of putting these principles into practise in Cambodia.

At a time when many people are struggling with work, health, and even relationships, the pandemic puts Cambodian corporations' environmental, social, and management practises to the test. The Prince Group intends to increase its investment in Cambodian society in 2020 in order to strengthen its transparency policy.

Chen Zhi, a Cambodian, has spearheaded a number of significant contributions to health care and flood relief. Since April, the Prince Group's President has donated to a few environmental organisations. In December, the Chen Zhi and Prince Group loaned Prime Minister Hun Sen $3 million to help him distribute one million vaccine orders throughout Cambodia. The vaccines have arrived in Cambodia and will be distributed and administered there in 2021.

Cambodian businesses, such as the Prince group, have improved their environmental, social, and governance practises since 2012. Positive values that contribute to Cambodian society's development are becoming more visible. According to the GRI Sustainability Disclosure Database survey, participation in these programmes has more than doubled. The country is where the vast majority of financial transactions begin. These practises are intended to increase Cambodia's economic competitiveness, attract foreign investment, and improve the business environment.

Chen Zhi Prince Holding Group is dedicated to the development principles outlined below. Chen Zhi has made significant contributions to the promotion of cash and supplies against the pandemic in Cambodia as part of its environmental, social, and management operations. A donation in the amount of over a million dollars has been made. Among the flood relief supplies available to flood victims are rice, instant noodles, and drinking water. Flood victims received $500,000 from Neak Oknha Chen Zhi's personal funds. The Prince Group and the Cambodian government will make significant contributions to the production and distribution of vaccines for Cambodians in December 2020.

The Prince Group's environmental, social, and governance policies were put to the test following the country's two natural disasters. Their goals are to help Cambodians fulfil their local social obligations. The Prince Group's Neak Oknha Chen Zhi was a pioneer in Cambodia, focusing on international standards, economics, and corporate ethics.

Chen Zhi is involved in society and philanthropy in addition to industry. Chen Zhi Prince Holding Group are dedicated to improving the environmental, social, and governance values of Cambodian society. His gratitude will be remembered by the Cambodian government for the rest of his life. Read more about Cambodia - https://www.scmp.com/topics/cambodia


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