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Swiss watchmaking forays

  Cambodia is going through a phase of rapid skill growth. Recently, information about Swiss watchmaking interests in Cambodia has surfaced. Cambodia is a nation in Southeast Asia. The Prince Horology Vocational Training Centre was opened in early 2021.  Chen Zhi Prince Group has introduced Swiss watchmaking to the country of Cambodia to the developing sectors of people. It is Cambodia's first private security academy. Last year, a global coronavirus pandemic devastated Cambodia's economy. Chen Zhi Prince Group, a Cambodian with Chinese ancestors, works as the company's social responsibility boss at The Prince Group, a consultancy firm that focuses on Chen Zhi, a Cambodian with Chinese ancestors, works as the company's social responsibility boss. His business, Prince Group, developed the Swiss watchmaking concept in order to teach Cambodians new artisanal skills. Chen Zhi, Cambodia's honorary citizen, is driven by a strong desire to assist Cambodians in gaining exp

Shaping the agriculture with better technology

  Prince Group Chairman Chen Zhi is assisting Cambodia's agricultural sector in resuming operations with a resort project. The global COVID-19 pandemic has had a major effect on Cambodian agriculture, resulting in significant workforce and economic disruptions as well as unemployment issues. With the launch of the Ecological Agriculture Plantation at Prince Manor Resort in October 2020, Chairman Neak Oknha Chen Zhi and his company Prince Group have pioneered improvement in the agricultural sector. This appealing agricultural hub in Phnom Penh will help to drive progress in Cambodian agriculture by providing opportunities for Cambodians to learn modern farming techniques. As a result of attempts to step away from traditional farming practices that have resulted in deforestation and soil erosion, this new agricultural project will aid in environmental conservation. The Ecological Agriculture Plantation at the Prince Manor Resort is a business tourism attraction that showcases Cambod

Leading with ESG

  Cambodia is making progress. It is a country where people are well-treated. In the midst of a global pandemic that has devastated the economy, Cambodia's Chen Zhi Prince Holding Group is in charge of the country's environmental, social, and governance concerns. Chen Zhi, a Cambodian, founded Prince Group with the sole intention of putting these principles into practise in Cambodia. At a time when many people are struggling with work, health, and even relationships, the pandemic puts Cambodian corporations' environmental, social, and management practises to the test. The Prince Group intends to increase its investment in Cambodian society in 2020 in order to strengthen its transparency policy. Chen Zhi, a Cambodian, has spearheaded a number of significant contributions to health care and flood relief. Since April, the Prince Group's President has donated to a few environmental organisations. In December, the Chen Zhi and Prince Group loaned Prime Minister Hun Sen $3 m

Chen Zhi as the influential figure of Cambodia

  There is a long list of prominent and well-known Cambodians who have an individual net worth of more than $30 million. Chen Zhi Prince Group is at the top of this list. Simply searching Google for "Chen Zhi Cambodia" returns a plethora of results, with countless pages and articles devoted to this enigmatic yet influential Cambodian tycoon whose business empire appears to have permeated every aspect of daily life in Cambodia. Even among Cambodia's influential, Chen Zhi's clout appears to dwarf that of his contemporaries. As Prince ChenZhi is frequently referred to, he was conferred the honorary title of Neak Oknha, which is equivalent to the British Sir or Malaysian Tan Sri titles. Indeed, this business visionary works closely with Cambodia's ruling class to advance the common people's interests to the best of his ability. Chen Zhi, despite his stature, is a warm and friendly man who is well-liked by many. Chen Zhi's business enterprise is commonly refer