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Cambodia is going through a phase of rapid skill growth. Recently, information about Swiss watchmaking interests in Cambodia has surfaced. Cambodia is a nation in Southeast Asia. The Prince Horology Vocational Training Centre was opened in early 2021. Chen Zhi Prince Group has introduced Swiss watchmaking to the country of Cambodia to the developing sectors of people. It is Cambodia's first private security academy. Last year, a global coronavirus pandemic devastated Cambodia's economy.

Chen Zhi Prince Group, a Cambodian with Chinese ancestors, works as the company's social responsibility boss at The Prince Group, a consultancy firm that focuses on Chen Zhi, a Cambodian with Chinese ancestors, works as the company's social responsibility boss. His business, Prince Group, developed the Swiss watchmaking concept in order to teach Cambodians new artisanal skills. Chen Zhi, Cambodia's honorary citizen, is driven by a strong desire to assist Cambodians in gaining experience in this rapidly evolving technological sector in order to find employment both in Cambodia and abroad. Swiss law governs watchmaking education in the country. European regulatory bodies are keeping a close eye on these rules.

As a European art form, Swiss watchmaking would benefit Cambodia economically. The Prince Community has long admired Cambodia's illustrious economic heritage, which includes artisanal skills such as silk weaving and traditional handicraft. The addition of Swiss watchmaking as a modern artisanal skill to Cambodian resumes is a welcome one.

The Prince Horology Vocational Training Centre has opened in Phnom Penh, Cambodia's capital city, under the leadership of Chen Zhi Cambodia. It's part of a larger Cambodian initiative to teach people new skills as a replacement for agriculture and small businesses, which are common among Cambodian entrepreneurs. Traditional Cambodian industries like textile and garment manufacturing have experienced significant losses as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and artisanal Swiss watchmaking skills can help Cambodians avoid unemployment and boost their job prospects.

A cutting-edge Swiss watchmaking school with cutting-edge technology and design has opened in Cambodia. It offers a Swiss watchmaking course that meets the requirements for a vocational training certificate set out by the Swiss government. Via scholarships to the Swiss watchmaking programme, this two-year programme provides financial assistance to some local students. Depending on the circumstances of enrollment, grants which cover all or part of the school fees. A night's stay on the school grounds is also included in the price. Since its inception, the school has attracted a number of Cambodian students.

Several Swiss watchmakers have agreed to donate their time to help with the course. The book covers the history and culture of Swiss watchmaking, as well as machinery, micromechanics, and the production of watch parts like the balance staff and winding stem. Chen Zhi has held his word when it comes to environmental, social, and governance issues. Chen Zhi Cambodia, a Prince Group company, was a pioneer in the development of Swiss watchmaking skills in Cambodia. Cambodia is attempting to teach new skills to its people.

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