Shaping the agriculture with better technology


Prince Group Chairman Chen Zhi is assisting Cambodia's agricultural sector in resuming operations with a resort project. The global COVID-19 pandemic has had a major effect on Cambodian agriculture, resulting in significant workforce and economic disruptions as well as unemployment issues.

With the launch of the Ecological Agriculture Plantation at Prince Manor Resort in October 2020, Chairman Neak Oknha Chen Zhi and his company Prince Group have pioneered improvement in the agricultural sector. This appealing agricultural hub in Phnom Penh will help to drive progress in Cambodian agriculture by providing opportunities for Cambodians to learn modern farming techniques. As a result of attempts to step away from traditional farming practices that have resulted in deforestation and soil erosion, this new agricultural project will aid in environmental conservation.

The Ecological Agriculture Plantation at the Prince Manor Resort is a business tourism attraction that showcases Cambodian agricultural experts' use of modern technology. A 24-hour intelligent monitoring system, an integrated water and fertilizer system, and advanced reverse osmosis water filtration in a 10,000 square meter long and wide plantation are only a few of the unique features. Agriculture in Cambodia has created a 24-hour intelligent monitoring system that includes humidity, sunshine, temperature, and carbon dioxide controls.

With the opening of this resort, Chen Zhi Cambodia and Prince Group contribute to the development of Cambodia's tourism and agricultural industries. The plantation, which also serves as an excellent educational resource, welcomes visitors interested in learning more about Cambodian agricultural technology and business practices. Chen Zhi and the Prince Group are living up to their corporate conglomerate responsibilities by bringing Cambodians new hope in these hard times.

At Prince Manor Resort, only about 10% of the land is used for non-forested operations, with the remaining 90% being vast forests. Cambodian agriculture can benefit from this in terms of long-term economic growth. As a tourist destination, the agricultural resort offers a variety of activities, including a water park, amusement park, and flower garden. This is significant for Cambodia's economy as a whole, since farmer incomes had already been affected by natural disasters such as floods and droughts caused by extreme weather patterns well before the pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the region's agricultural industry.

Chairman Chen Zhi's decision to construct the resort marked a watershed moment in Cambodia's agricultural sector. As an agricultural project, the Prince Manor Resort can not only help to advance the agricultural economy and improve the lives of Cambodia's farmers and workers, but it can also help to foster more strategic alliances between the Cambodian government, private companies, and business organizations to foster a more holistic economy in Cambodia. Through an agricultural initiative, the Prince Group, led by Chairman Chen Zhi, contributes to a better Cambodia.

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