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The 834-hectare project will be overseen by a Cambodian corporation, led by Chen Zhi Cambodia, with world-renowned expertise from Singapore, sparking growth in Cambodia's third largest city.

Surbana Jurong Group, a global urban, infrastructure, and managed services firm located in Singapore, authorised a masterplan for Ream City built by Canopy Sands Development, a member of Prince Holding Group, one of Cambodia's largest and fastest expanding conglomerates. The masterplan defines a land use plan for the 834-hectare project, which will be developed on reclaimed land within 10 minutes from Sihanoukville International Airport and will require total expenditures of US$16 billion. Ream City will operate as a spur for the entire Sihanoukville region's economic possibilities, as the country's third-largest city and home to the country's deep-water port.

Sihanoukville will be transformed by Ream City, which will introduce a sustainable ecosystem of tourism, economic, and residential activities with the capacity to house up to 130,000 people. The project envisions the development of family attractions, condominiums, landed and oceanfront residences, and affordable housing estates, as well as themed shopping malls, business hubs, beach resorts, hotels, condotels, and a yacht and marina club once completed. Ream City's masterplanning, urban design, and coastal engineering work will be handled by Surbana Jurong.

Cambodia, which is sandwiched between Thailand and Vietnam, has positioned itself as a desirable investment location for ASEAN companies looking to expand.

Mr Yeo Choon Chong, CEO, ASEAN, Surbana Jurong said, “Cambodia continues to attract a steady flow of foreign direct investments. With our partners, we see immense potential to drive growth in this key market through our participation in iconic infrastructure projects.”

“The proposal prioritises the integration of nature to enhance the built environment. A major part of the plan includes an extensive beachfront that stretches beyond 6km. This will support a wide range of waterfront activities and inject vibrancy to the community. The plan also includes infrastructure enhancements to the community to support civic and community facilities such as schools, parks and open spaces, sports complexes, polyclinics and neighbourhood-level amenities. Once fully developed, Ream City will be an exciting destination for dining, retail, work, recreation and living.”, Mr. Yeo continued.

“We have liaised with Surbana Jurong for more than a year and are very happy with the masterplan they have proposed for Ream City,” said Mr Khong Weng Fook, Managing Director of Canopy Sands Development. “Surbana Jurong has consistently impressed clients around the world and are well-known for their extensive experience in urban development, deep and global talent pool, and comprehensive global coverage as they have developed master plans for a wide variety of projects in more than 30 countries.”

“We are looking forward to working together to convert their proposed land use plan into reality and create a sustainable solution for living for the betterment of Sihanoukville and Cambodians.”

Sihanoukville Province's economy is diversifying beyond tourism, with a rising base of entertainment, manufacturing, logistics, electricity production, and agriculture companies. It lies at the crossroads of major infrastructure programmes such as the Belt and Road Initiative and the southern path of the Greater Mekong Subregion Economic Corridors. The airport is also undergoing expansion, with initial plans to boost capacity to 3.6 million people per year, with additional plans to handle a possible passenger load of 10 million by 2030.

Prince Group and Surbana Jurong are working together to deliver a holistic and precisely planned approach to coastal development that uses both sides' capabilities – Prince Group, which includes Prince Real Estate Group, Prince Bank, Cambodia Airways, and Prince Huan Yu Real Estate, has completed various projects in Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville and has invested over US$2 billion in local initiatives with the intention to “Build a Better Life” for Cambodians.

An large shoreline that runs for more than 6 kilometres is a key component of the concept. This will facilitate a variety of waterfront activities while also adding to the community's liveliness.

About Prince Holding Group

Prince Holding Group, or Prince Group, is one of Cambodia's greatest corporate conglomerates, having operations in real estate development, banking, finance, aviation, tourism, logistics, technology, food and beverage, and lifestyle. Prince Group's objective is "Building a Better Life," and the company's philosophy is "Commitment, Responsibility, Respect, Generosity, and Innovation."

About Canopy Sands Development

Canopy Sands Development's mission is to create vibrant living and working environments that improve people's lives and bring long-term prosperity to communities. Canopy Sands Development is laying the foundations for greater economic opportunities, major socio-economic benefits, and long-term prosperity, led by a local and international team of highly experienced, reputable, and respected professionals, each of whom has a unique and strategically critical global perspective.

Canopy Sands Development, a real estate development leader, is working to create dynamic new communities around Cambodia, each of which will be developed to the best international standards. As a result, the enterprise will offer enormous economic, social, and educational opportunities for Cambodian communities, as well as deliver sustainable and long-term benefits.

About Surbana Jurong:

With a 70-year track record of excellent project execution, Surbana Jurong Group is one of Asia's major urban, infrastructure, and management services consulting firms. The Surbana Jurong Group is headquartered in Singapore and consists of SMEC and Robert Bird Group in Australia, Sino-Sun in China, AETOS, KTP, Prostruct, and SAA in Singapore, and B+H in Canada.

Architects, designers, planners, engineers, and other specialists among our global talent pool of over 16,000 people from more than 120 offices in more than 40 countries are inspired by progressive thinking and creative ideas to help construct a better future.

Our technical professionals provide best-in-class solutions for the whole project life cycle, from planning and design to delivery and management to decommissioning and closure. We offer a comprehensive spectrum of consulting services in a variety of industries, including aviation, healthcare, hospitality, transportation, water and environment, energy and resources.

We have built over a million houses in Singapore, produced master plans for more than 30 nations, and developed more than 100 industrial parks across the world, creating homes and cities that are socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable, enabling communities to thrive. Please visit for additional information.


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